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  • Farvision is one of the leading ERP solutions in India to serve real estate, construction, infrastructure and engineering domain.
  • Gamut Infosystem Ltd is the Leading ERP Software Development Company in India.We offer the best ERP solution for Construction & Real Estate Industry.
  • Farvision is an authentic Human Resource Management System and Payroll software in India for enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your organization.
  • Gamut Infosystems Ltd. is one of the prime ERP software development companies in India that offers end-to-end solution for your business.
  • Farvision is one of the leading ERP solutions in India to serve real estate, construction, infrastructure and engineering domain.
  • Gamut Infosystems  Ltd is one of eminent ERP software development companies in India that combines advanced enterprise technologies with industry-specific requirements.
  • Farvision is an outstanding ERP software for real estate industry that offers improved management and control over project operations, access to real-time information and chronicles of all activities.
CREDAI Preferred ERP Partner
"We at Raheja's went through a very thorough selection process and after evaluating many vendors we finally selected Farvision because it was an end ERP covering all aspects of Real Estate Industry."
Nayan Raheja
Raheja Developers
"Far Vision has helped us to automate the most demanding and complex business conditions in our company. This in turn has helped in managing our extremely high paced growing business."
Amit Jain
Mahagun Group
"Far Vision has provided greater structure to processes and flow of information so that different departments can work seamlessly. it also provides a comprehensive bird's eye view of our business."
Vice President
Prateek Buildtech
"Farvision is a comprehensive ERP solution meant for Real Estate Industry. It combines core functionality with support functionality related to Real Estate."
G. K. Chawla
Assotech Limited
"Far Vision at Sheth Group is in use for three years. We are using all modules relating to real estate industries. We are feeling good to recommend Farvision as an optimum ERP solution. "
Sheth Developers
"We are the first customer of Far Vision in Pune. We are using this ERP in Ahmedabad as well. we feel Farvision is appropriate for the Real Estate industry."
Manish Harlalka
Gini Group
"Far Vision helped us to completely map the project engineering complexities to ensure adequate control. We are pleased to recommend Farvision as the ideal solution for the Construction and Real Estate Industry."
Sachin Muthe
Skyi Developers
"We have been using Far Vision, the ERP solution to streamline our various business functionalities. We trust Farvision is a decent ERP solution for the Real Estate industry."
Nehal Shah
"This ERP has helped us to monitor the consumption of material and resource utilization efficiently at our project sites."
Shekhar Patel
Ganesh Housing
"Using Far Vision ERP system has helped us to take strategic decision in least possible time by virtue of its real time report generation system."
Chief Financial Officer
Man Infraconstruction Limited
"Far Vision has enabled us to bring on-line and real-time integration among most of the processes like Accounting, Sales, Procurement, Inventory Management etc."
Ujjval Desai
The Wadhwa Group
"In Nila Infrastructures Ltd, Far Vision has become instrumental in terms of addressing every business scenario. This ERP has helped us to monitor efficiently all of our projects."
Prashant Sarkhedi
Nila Infrastructures Limited
"We have found Far Vision has the best potential to map the various functionalities and complex business scenarios of huge real estate projects undertaken by Arvind Group."
Mehul Shah
Arvind Infrastructure Limited
"We have chosen Far Vision in order to put an effective control over the numerous activities starting from site level operation to the administrative functions."
Savvy Infrastructure
"Far Vision has been functioning satisfactorily and we are also satisfied with the after sales services being received from Gamut Infosystems Limited."
A. V. Rajan
Runwal Developers
"Since we are in Realty Business, we are now using the product in all our divisions for standardising our working processes. We wish Far Vision team every success and would strongly recommend this product to other builders."
Vedic Realty
"We feel Farvision has a lot of to offer the real Estate Industry and with all the efforts that they are making in creating innovative solutions for our Industry."
Rishi Jain
Jain Group
"We have been using Far Vision for many years now. Some of the key benefits that we have derived from the ERP are integration. This has resulted in reduction of duplication of work across our company."
Piyush Bhagat
Space Group
"The software has helped us to keep track of the project progress vis-a-vis receivable from customers. We would like to recommend Farvision as a nice ERP solution for the Companies engaged in Real Estate business."
S. Karthikeyan
Fire Luxur
"The software is carefully designed for a real estate business and is constantly updated/developed to accommodate finer needs of business."
Vikram Prabhaka
Vikram Structures
"We have evaluated many products before finally selecting Far Vision for our organisation. After using it, we can confidently say that it is the most comprehensive tool currently available for the Real Estate Industry."
Sujoy Gupta
Samraat Group
"We would highly recommend Farvision to any Builder. They have been responsive and co-operative in making the ERP run smoothly in our company."
L. N. Jha
Gaursons india Limited
"Farvision Team has been responsive to our needs, and has satisfactorily assisted us in attending to our bespoke module developments."
Somnath Biswas (Managing Director)
Reinforced Earth (India) Private Limited
"Now we have the real time information of our all projects and can check anytime what is happening at our different site in just a click."
SVP Builders (India) Limited

"Gamut has actually used Information Technology to provide a robust solution for builders, and has provided some truly innovative value added services."

Srijan Realty