Astounding Benefits Computers are Offering Business

Computers are used in many businesses and industries to ensure faster processing of details and timely dispatch of the deliverables. Information Technology or IT has played a dominant role taking business to the current heights. Before computers and the related technologies came into being, business was chiefly carried out using the manual resources. As a result, the time taken to complete the work was more, work quality was not up to the mark and the procedures, significantly more complicated. With the introduction of computers in business establishments, work processes have become accurate, efficient as well as significantly more stable. There are several advantages computers can provide to the small businesses today.

“I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”

–Bill Gates

Today, computers allow different types of software usage to help businesses keep a track of documents, files, deadlines and schedules.

Here are a few fields where computing is used at large scale.

Inventory Control

Control and management of inventory is a crucial process especially in the establishments dealing with retail and production. Computers are in use today for recording different aspects of goods, the details of services and goods, stock distribution and storage details. Though simple computer software is sufficient for the small production and retail firms, enterprise resource planning or ERP software is commonly used in the bigger organizations.

Better Sales

Computers allow to market a company’s services and products to a local geographic area or customers around the world. It is said that “The introduction of computers and the Internet has reduced the world to a global village where individuals, companies and countries can exchange goods and services.” The usage of websites ensures higher sales or better profits for business. Businesses can remain open round the clock now, allowing the customers from different parts of the world to access their outlet and buy things they wish to without heeding the time. In fact, most businesses operate online nowadays to allow customers from different parts of the world shop for requisite services and products. The manufacturing companies use computers to produce anything right from automobiles to ready-to-wear clothes.

Business Communication

Earlier, business correspondences sent through the regular channels took a lot of time to reach its destination. This process can be completed within minutes using internet. Since the time personal computers and internet acquired large scale usage, businesses can easily gain knowledge of the changing global market, political unrest and world weather changes. The instant communication globalization has changed the very way businesses are conducted nowadays.


Business advertising has changed completely following the introduction of personal computers. Earlier, the chief modes of advertising were brochures, flyers, radio announcements, newspapers and magazines. Through computer, businesses can easily reach out to the worldwide customers today, unheard of even a decade before.

Multitasking and Cost Efficacy

The usage of computers as a multimedia tool allows more independence to the business houses today. Computers today has the capacity to link multiple technologies like interactive video, CD-ROM, audio, graphics, print and fax capabilities as well as several other programs. Businesses have simply eliminated the need to outsource as the in-house employees can handle the job themselves. This has also brought down the dependence on the external agencies substantially. Usage of computers in the business houses also aid with bringing down the charges pertaining to office equipment and staff payroll. Would you like to know how?

  • Emails bring down the costs pertaining to postage
  • There is no need to travel for attending conferences if video conferencing is taken advantage of
  • There is little need to carry the charges of the accounting department staffs if an ERP or enterprise resource planning software is made use of.

In short, the prime advantage technology provides to businesses is the opportunity to focus on offering the core services like more affordable products and services to the customers.