Big data analytics challenges

Big data analytics have wide range of benefits though use of it often creates different challenges:

Data Accessibility: Storage and processing of larger amounts of data become more complicated. Big data should be stored and maintained appropriately to confirm that it can be used by easily by less experienced data scientists and analysts.

Maintenance of Data quality: High volumes of data are emerging from different sources and in different formats. For big data management it requires substantial time, effort and resources to maintain it accurately.

Data Security: There are a variety of security challenges because of the complexity of big data systems. Addressing security concerns in an effective way to handle big data system can be a very difficult task.

Selecting the right tools: There are many Big data analytics tools and platforms available. Selecting the right one can be confusing, Therefore organizations must be aware how to pick the best tool that can be beneficial with users’ needs and infrastructure.

Lack of proper understanding of Massive Data: Organizations fail in their Big Data initiatives, due to insufficient understanding. Employees might not have idea about what data is, its storage, processing, importance, and sources. Employees might not understand the importance of knowledge storage. As a result they could not keep the backup of sensitive data. They could not use databases properly for storage. As a consequence, data can’t be retrieved easily at the moment of requirement. Within the organisation there is scarcity of internal analytics skills. And the cost of hiring experienced data scientists and engineers are much higher. So some organizations are finding it difficult to fill the gaps.