Evolution of Manufacturing ERP

The roots of ERP can be traced back to Materials requirement Planning (MRP). In fact, it has not been long since there has been an evolution in Manufacturing ERP. When companies realize that they need an ERP, there are several other things which is not considered. ERP platforms have been acclaimed for aiding organizations by helping them to as well as nullify lavish practices and enhance productivity. This can be attributed to the increasing popularity of ERP solutions.

However when something new is introduced , the staff finds it difficult to embrace. It is common for people to have aversion to new things as they are used to performing tasks in a particular way. A proper training is a must-have for any kind of implementation. however, many people still find these systems difficult to engage with.

This is why usability is considered as an important factor. Companies now require platforms which has all benefits integrated as well as making it easy for a less tech-savvy person.

Nowadays the vendors have made their application highly simple and user friendly for the end users. Such an integrated system would work if people know its usage in and out. Anything difficult is a turn off for and when it takes place in a manufacturing company, it turns out to be disastrous.

Several problems can arise while working on such applications. The modules do not sync with each other. In order to complete a single task users would have to learn multiple functions. With so much of technology advancement people have become familiar with devices like tablets and Smartphones. If the application does not simplify tasks then it becomes a headache. Market is flooded with Manufacturing ERPs that have put user friendly interface as an important factor. It is important to become efficient in operation as and when the company grows by scope and size. Thus this application has evolved from a heritage implementation to a adaptable client-server architecture.