Farvision’s Owner Association – Essential for a better living and working

Farvision’s Owner Association software has been launched for hassle free management of Residential and Commercial Building Complex. It is an online portal integrated with Facility booking, Communication, Online payment gateway and other online tools.

Why you need Farvision’s Owner Association Application:

Get off the ground: Communicating with other members of the Association is not easy initially. It becomes difficult to get acquainted with service vendors. A portal facilitates smooth communication with neighbors and comes in handy.

Quick Complaint resolution: Some building issues are bound to crop up at some time or the other. Lodge a complaint and get it resolved in less time through this application. Complaints can be tracked, assigned and escalated for speedy redressal.

Payment and Bills: It’s difficult to remember the bill amounts and their due dates. Members would be sent alerts or reminders through emails and SMS. Payments can be made online and easily tracked therefore making settlement hassle-free.

Reliable Accounting: Managing Accounting activities requires knowledge and time at hand. The portal is designed in such a way that anybody irrespective of whether they have accounting knowledge or not can handle financial audits.

Vendor Management: Management committee can easily keep a record of vendor contacts, payments and receipts and contracts in place. Their service can be rated.

Events: We all love events and participate in it with full enthusiasm. Birthday parties, festivity celebrations can be organized and invites are sent through SMS or email reminders. Resolve urgent issues through a quick meeting. An online portal facilitates these activities effortlessly.

Facility Booking: The facilities like club house, tennis court , banquet and others are limited in a building complex. An online portal helps to book facilities online as needed and efficient booking management by the committee.

Staff Management: Staff access levels to data and approvals can be regulated. Complaints can be escalated to them based on the rights given. Approvals can be made depending on the menu rights. Not every staff member needs access to all confidential data.

Posted On : September 11, 2015