Home Owner’s association Management made easy

Housing Society management is not an easy job. In fact it involves a lot of stress. There are several tasks and different kinds of people to deal with. Even while a meeting takes place secretary has to see that proper topics are discussed. Whatever decisions are taken in the meeting has to be implemented and it is the look out of secretary. The secretary single handedly manages the society accounting registers, maintenance of bills, notices and other things.

Get rid of the stress associated with society management with Farvision’s Home Owner association application. It would take care of all your worries regarding society management. The application has a user friendly interface. Its structured tools help to maintain as well as generate outward /inward billing, society accounting, generating maintenance statements monthly, sending specific and general notices to the members, maintaining records, scheduling meetings, expense and income tracker, parking allotments, and other tasks effortlessly.

Come and experience new age online housing society management. Society responsibility includes society accounting, solving relevant queries, calling meetings, implementing the decisions taken in it, maintenance and so on. Society Secretaries get depressed as they are unable to manage things in the way it should be done. Farvision’s apartment management software is the solution. Doing it all for you. Get rid of the society bondages.

Use this hassle-free web-based apartment management software to make the society functional and manageable. Empower the members and residents to managing the society as a whole. Several applications have made our life easy.

Posted On : June 10, 2015