Home Owners Association Software: A new Phenomenon in Apartment Management

Well, Home owner’s association is not a new phenomenon. It has been there since the concept of apartments have come into being. However, with advancement in technology , Apartment management has become online and less of a hassle.

This has been there in the west for long and highly popular there. In a developing country like India it has not been even a decade since online apartment management software has come into the picture. Housing societies tackle several issues like maintenance of amenities, water and parking disputes are frequent. Several web-based Housing Society Accounting Software products have come up .

With a spurt in apartment complexes and residential townships in India, these software products are doing great jobs with their exemplary services. If you are:

  • Tired of maintaining several accounts, excel sheets that consists of phone numbers, email ids, addresses and vehicle details of tenants/ owners.
  • A treasurer who is burdened with tracking maintenance dues from members as well as issuing receipts.
  • A resident getting restless whose issues are not resolved despite reminders and no status is unknown .
  • Managing a committee that discusses same issues again and again with no concrete decision

Then there is a need for Home owner association software as:

  • It brings transparency and professionalism in running the Association.
  • Brings continuity in various processes irrespective of changes in the association
  • Offers great value to the owners and tenants

If appropriate tools are not used while managing the residential complex then too much of time, money and effort are wasted.

Posted On : May 19, 2015