Position of ERP Software in Small Business

The concept of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning first acquired popularity with the bigger companies. The industry has changed a lot over the course of last few years. The very concept of entrepreneurship has been redefined with the result a number of manufacturing companies, start ups and small businesses growing exponentially.

The internet has opened up several opportunities for the small business houses and owing to the large scale usage of the cloud, the small scale enterprises compete with the bigger enterprises, tapping into markets that were chiefly available to the bigger organizations. ERP is actually an enterprise grade application. While in the bigger organizations the complex business processes like accounting, human resources and supply chain management are automated, for the small to medium sized business houses, ERP adoption chiefly aids with the generation of business information.

How Can ERP Software Help You?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is made to capture all the aspects of business in a single location. The opportunity to access it from anywhere is yet another advantage.

To speak in simple terms, ERP creates a framework for itself. This will allow you to plan your resources right from the inventory to the accounts receivable. All the departments like sales, finance and production get synced through the usage of ERP. The usage of ERP software in the small and medium sized organizations aid with the following.

  • Reports and invoices appear significantly more professional
  • Ensure better management of time sheets, inventory and expense reports
  • Streamlines operations
  • Ensures freedom from multiple software usages
  • Develops better bond with the customers

More SMBs Understand the Value of Having Data in a Single Location

A large number of small businesses are beginning to understand the immense value of having all the data in a single location. Not hard to guess, this aids in saving both money as well as time. A few small businesses were polled. As many as 59% of the business houses pointed out their willingness to begin using the ERP solutions that fit their business need.

Not Many SMBs are Using ERP Software

Though things have changed a lot now, there are not many small business houses that use the ERP software even today. Most small businesses are under the assumption that ERP software cost a lot. This is not at all the truth. With the proliferation of cloud computing, the cost of ERP software has come down substantially.

You must have understood the need for ERP software for your business by now. If you are aware of the immense advantages, do not hesitate thinking about the cost. The advantages that it come with outweigh the cost incurred completely.

Posted On : September 19, 2016