Reasons that Help ERP Excel in Cloud

In the course of last few years, cloud has emerged as the most popular deployment platform for the enterprise applications. Most clients and vendors of today want their upcoming ERP deployment to be in the cloud. So, what fueled the change? There are several reasons making the clients and vendors opt for cloud ERP deployment over the on-premise options. Let us take a look at some of the reasons playing a role in winning more votes for the cloud.

Significantly Better Program Performance

The cloud based infrastructure ERP programs perform much better than the on-site options. The software programs may be perfectly written but the small and the medium sized business houses lack the resources essential to ensure maximum satisfaction. Cloud deployment ensures lesser deployment time as the systems are well prepared to be used immediately by the next client.

More Secure

Everyone needs a secure operating environment. According to the data breach investigation report of Verizon, “Ironically, avoidance of cloud services may even lead to unnecessary security risk, as organizations may continue to rely on poorly managed in-house systems that often have more security vulnerabilities than their public cloud equivalent.”

Earlier, locking the server room and forcing people into using the long alphanumeric passwords were enough. Things have changed a lot. Now, it is hard to remain secure in the absence of the electronic operating environments. People no longer consider themselves secure in the absence of people and systems protecting the environment 24×7, verifying that the systems in use are updated as well as properly tested.

Redefined Business Process

Most of the enterprises today are cloud based. As pointed out by Gartner, “Spending on public-cloud-based, vertical-specific applications is expected to significantly increase through 2017, further highlighting the growing confidence in their use for mission-critical systems.” By upgrading ERP system to the cloud, you are allowing the old business management applications to retire. You no longer need to procure, install, manage or maintain the infrastructure and get the opportunity to redefine business proceedings, taking advantage of the flexibility and service delivery, bettering the prospects of growth of your organization.

Fast and Flexible Implementation

Implementation of the ERP system is quite challenging even if you opt for a modest ERP system. Implementing it can take months and if you opt for the cloud based ERP solution, the service provider will help you plan, customize and implement a solution. With years of experience and adequate ERP knowledge, these professionals can provide you the perfect guidance. This not just facilitates a faster implementation, but the final product tends to emerge stronger as well.

The ERP software is not simply a software. It offers the best ways to grow businesses profitably, offer flexible solutions and enable the customers to remain ahead of the rising competition. With the aid of cloud ERP, the production can be streamlined, and the data managed and perfectly optimized to better the performance of your organization.