Smooth Transition to a NEW Manufacturing ERP

It is a known fact that changing software is a laborious task especially if it is an integrated Manufacturing ERP. No matter how smooth the process would be, a proper anticipatory plan can make a lot of difference. There are several employees who are hesitant and worried about future changes. In such a scenario reflecting the positive side is the solution. Approaches differ ranging from hasty reactions to excessively analyzing the projects. Ideally companies should not move too fast neither too slow that they lose their customers. The IT mangers should adopt a cautionary approach and prepare the employees for the new. Right and suitable team plan is what should be executed.

Below given few tips on how you can shift to a new Manufacturing ERP smoothly:

  • A good plan relieves you of the discomfort associated with something new. The goal should be to face the challenges and implement the apt decision. It is important to take time to involve your employees in this important decision and examine how it can help them to adapt to new responsibilities. Disrupting user’s comfort is not recommended.
  • In order to get user perception, communicate to them regarding the change and its positives. End users prefer working on the software with difficulties than adapting to new system. Therefore a consistent user experience is must.
  • Always load test a system with real users and scripts. This would help in rectifying the real user mistakes.
  • A mock test is always beneficial. This would help you to find whether everything is working fine or not. Planning to go live without practice can bring several inadvertent problems.
  • Today companies encourage employees into multitasking. Therefore providing them with training is important. This would help them to slowly get into the new system.

Strong plan would ensure smooth transition.

Posted On : February 13, 2015