Top Five Tips to choose the right ERP vendor

Choosing as well as executing a new technology is a long and a challenging process. Companies need to follow a strategy while choosing an ERP vendor. ERP is a tool which if implemented would affect the functioning of an organization entirely. Below given some tips to choose an ERP vendor meticulously:

  • Objective should be clear :The basic goal of introducing the ERP into the system has to be clear to everyone involved. How the organization would benefit from this has to be clearly understood. Employee should understand that new technology is not executed for sake of it. Justify the decision of integrating this into the system before questions are put forward to you.Put down the timeline, budget and appoint a person who would be in charge of ERP implementation and training.

  • Provide the requirements : Now provide the requirements for the success of the project. It is imperative to know what you need from technology than expecting it to fulfill your goals. The output should be focused on. One can also outline the missing features or security issues or price. Are those missing features the must have for your industry? All this has to be decided while choosing the application.

  • Analyze the options : If you clearly list out your requirements and priorities. It would be easy to evaluate. The useless ones can be omitted. Involve stakeholders as user acceptance and adoption is must for the success of ERP accomplishment. Involving them would give you a practical view of the application. It would be easy to take a decision also.

  • Reference can help : Prior to choosing the vendor speak to current customers to get a better idea of the application. One cannot expect the vendor to speak about their product drawbacks. You can ask for references and know their views too.

  • Finally it’s your choice : After gathering all the information, the decision is yours. Choose a software that suits your business requirements and aids in your business growth. With right resources and effective planning, an ERP accomplishment is not nerve-racking.

Posted On : May 2, 2015