What does an ERP project Manager DO?

Several companies have implemented an ERP into their system. However the company lacks an ERP project manager who would coordinate all aspects of the software. Let us have a look at the functions of ERP manager:

  • Cost monitoring, amount of resources needed and its deployment for project.
  • Well aware of client requirements and designing a comprehensive strategy for complete success of project.
  • Developing a good relationship with clients, get their inputs and communicating to respective team members.
  • Effective project coordination and end to end management. He is also responsible for successful completion of the project.
  • The team working on the project should be having all the facilities and to ensure that the ERP manager has to put in his best. Training and support has to be offered and should be able to get the best from his team.
  • The manager should be able to solve complicated which arise in the project. An ERP manager is responsible for conclusion of the project equally focusing on time and quality.
  • The project schedule needs o be designed and time for each member is along with delegation of specific tasks to team members.
  • Responsible for timely completion as well as within the predetermined budget.
  • Anticipate the risk factors and resolving it immediately.
  • Updating the customer regarding the progress of the project. Frequent report and updates have to be given to them.
  • Focus on the critical requirements and accomplish them first
  • Make timely and effective decisions at the project level

Well the success of an ERP implementation depends on training, employee receptiveness, management support and the ERP project manager who would handle the entire project.

Posted On : May 2, 2015