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Transform Your Real Estate Business with Farvision ERP

Real Estate ERP Solutions for Smart Business Management

In the real estate industry, planning and executing projects can be daunting tasks. Issues such as project planning, execution, costing, regulatory compliance, cash flow visibility, and collaboration with service providers are pervasive. Farvision Real Estate ERP has been meticulously designed to upgrade your business operations within these realms.

Farvision ERP delivers robust real estate ERP solutions, specifically designed to confront these challenges head-on. The best real estate ERP software empowers builders to effortlessly manage end-to-end project management. From planning and execution to regulatory compliance and cash flow management, Farvision guarantees that every aspect of your project is streamlined for maximum efficiency and success.

We understand how important it is to enhance the profitability and efficiency of your business. You can achieve this goal and more by using the best erp for real estate. Experience the transformative power of our leading real estate ERP and take your business to new heights.

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Streamline Your Real Estate Operations with Farvision ERP Ultimate Real Estate ERP Solution.

Real-time integration between Financials, Materials, Construction, and Marketing.
Experience hassle-free project management and contractor coordination.
Automate and control procurement and inventory management to reduce errors.
Increase productivity and sharpen your competitive edge with advanced features.
Efficiently manage critical business aspects like site selection, regulatory approvals, and budgeting.

Pre Construction

Farvision, a product by Gamut Infosystems LTD., is ERP for Real Estate that is able to handle every single requirement of construction and engineering projects.

  • Initial Processes - The initial processes of a project are covered in Land Bank, Liaison and Legal modules.
  • Land Bank - involve land acquisition and project feasibility
  • Legal - entails handling of court cases and follow up
  • Liaison - involves various procedures in acquiring land and getting approval for construction

Construction Management

Farvision is a superior ERP software in India that offers project management, maintaining workflow, access to information and document management for real estate,

  • Project Estimation - using BOQ & monitoring Actual Cost as executed by Sub Contractors.
  • Project Planner tools - like PERT, CPM to schedule and manage complex projects
  • Contractor Running Bill - generation is directly related to their Measurement Book and payment that negates pain of managing large projects making daily billing quick & easy.
  • Key Cost and Progress Indicators - are available in terms of per Square Foot / Meter Cost on a routine basis from the Online System of Activity-wise Cost.

Materials Management

Farvision provides excellent services as real estate ERP in India. This software ensures growth of your business through end-to-end project management.Farvision is a unique real estate management software that helps in overviewing project costing and managing finance and accounting for successful business.

  • Material Requirement Planning - Generation of Indents from Material Requirement Planning, Preparation of Purchase Order, Evaluation Charts for Procurement, Maintenance of Supplier Directory can be expedited through Farvision. Alerts and Escalations are build into Farvision ERP to speed up procurement processes and follow up done till the material is delivered.
  • Availability of Stocks at all Sites - Stock can be rapidly analyzed through Farvision and redeployed from one site to another for efficient stock and cost management.

A Quick Note on Additional Features of Farvision ERP

Explore more benefits with Farvision ERP, the best real estate ERP solution

Farvision Financials

  • Online, Real time Integration between Financials, Materials, Construction and Marketing to ensure automatic reconciliation between Materials Procured, utilized, Work Progress and Contractor Billing.
  • Graphical Visualization of Financial Data like Projected Inflows /Actual Inflows / Outflows /Break Even Point helps in knowing funds and cash position.
  • Consolidation of Accounts across Projects and Companies - Farvision offers a powerful tool for displaying consolidated Receivables, Payables, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, etc. at a glance.
  • Plan Fund Requirements based on Financial Indicators - Project wise fund planning can be easily executed based on the company's financial health reflected through Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Productivity tools

  • Create efficient work environment with user-friendly interfaces
  • Reduce operational time spent on reconciliation of accounts, engineering, inventory and Statutory Compliances like TDS, Service Tax, etc.
  • Sharpening your competitive edge as it helps in understanding business trends, opportunities and problems through analytical reporting tools
  • Open your business 24 hours a day as it is a web based software
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Retention of Information within the company like that of key accounts / engineering even if a person leaves / joins.
  • With a single click, access pre processed Dashboards that provides ready to use information required for quick decision making.

Business Growth

  • Not worry about losing control of business : As business grows the key aspect of staying in touch with all parts of your business is important. This acts as an engine for growth.
  • Growing nationally & globally : With partners available in every part of India there is normally someone to help you no matter where you are.
  • Adapting to change : Quick response to business needs as it is centrally hosted.
  • Path Breaking Implementation Methodology with ready to use templates for Statutory Setups, Item Masters, Account Head Masters, Grouping, BOQ Templates, BOM as per IS guidelines, User Login Profiles, Pay Structure templates and Document Printing Formats to begin entries almost immediately.